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Access your bonds as well as step by step instructions to discharge all of your public debt in as little as 4 weeks. 100% legal to do since July 1st 2017. We show you how to Utilize YOUR Treasury Direct Accounts (Birth Certificate/Strawman Trust/Bond) -- Understanding the Law, Risks. You may find a considerable amount of information online on how to facilitate accessing these bonds and bank accounts that you are legally entitled to but unless you follow a strict procedure in access you can end up not getting access at all. This is where MYBONDACCOUNTS.COM comes in making sure you can have unfettered access to all your accounts. GET STARTED TODAY!

Access Your Treasury Bonds

With all the information about getting access to your rightful funds all over the internet how do you know which steps are correct? Who can you contact to make sure you are accessing your funds in the right and legal way? Contact us today for a free consultation.


Being mindfull of the power that is in your wealth and having a sound mature direction for leveraging your wealth is paramount to a healthy fiscal direction for you and your loved ones. Let our financial experts in this space help redirect your life plan providing you a healthy and confident move in the right direction.

take financial control now!

Accessing your actual bonds and accounts is a fast and simple process, it involves a couple of clear steps to be fully completed.
Once you have a specific understanding of your actual self worth we can start and activate your account. We look forward to presenting you with a detailed guided tour.


What makes us so unique?
Knowlegable Team

Knowlegable Team

Let us answer all of your questions and guide you with the best possible outcome for your specific circumstances.

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Start Off Confident

Start Off Confident

Is all the random methods without any significant details frustrating your access? Looking for a sure and fast approach to changing your life situation. We can help bring everything into focus.

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Pay w/ promisary note!

Pay w/ promisary note!

Need to pay for our services with a Promissory Note? No problem! Call us now to find out how to get our FULL FREEDOM PACKAGE services paid on the back-end from your accounts.

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Live in Abundance

Live in Abundance

Reconfigure your financial position and get ready for a psychological shift in how you go from a debt slave to residing As King in a new abundant life.

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Escape bondage call now!

Does the following sound familiar: Debt bondage, also known as debt slavery or bonded labor, is a person's pledge of labor or services as security for the repayment for a debt or other obligation.[1] The services required to repay the debt may be undefined, and the services' duration may be undefined.[2] Debt bondage can be passed on from generation to generation.[2] YUK! No thanks!

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Typical Bond/Trust Recovery Account Results

Typical STRAWMAN CUSIP Results are as follows:

DAVIDA Y*****(SS40*-*4-****) TRUST PIMCO Tota...

Your Birth Certificate Prepaid Your Debt

You’re already signed up for this program from birth when your parents gave you away by filling...

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